Community Member’s “Story Changed” and “Hope Restored” by a touch from ACCESS Community program

Florence is 36 years, a single mother of 12 children, resides in the town of Nakaseke and she is among the 50 ladies of ACCESS NANO Microfinance program. She is a person with a physical disability and cannot walk. Her legs are crippled and she can only move with the help of walking sticks, which she got from the hospital.

The father of her children deserted her after seeing that the family had grown bigger and to him it was a burden to meet all the needs. All her children are in school but she finds it so challenging to meet the school needs like buying books, paying school fees and all the necessities for their studies.  But ACCESS saved her by supporting a son with school fees and all other school requirements. She stays in a single rented room together with her children.  Getting enough to eat is a struggle because she cannot cultivate large enough portions to feed her family.  She must take her children over the weekends for labor in order to get food and money for other home basic needs like sugar, soap and school fees for the rest of the children.

She says” I thank ACCESS for helping us the needy, they support my child Dalton in school, gave him everything required for school, introduced us to the income-generating program which provide us with no credit capital. This enabled me to start my business of maize roasting. Before, at times I used to sleep on an empty stomach without eating anything, but these days my family life has completely changed because I can now earn 5000shs (1.5$USD) day as net income. LONG LIVE ACCESS!’’

The Nano microfinance program is a relatively new project introduced through Our Biswas, Kisobooka and other partners. It is aimed at empowering women with interest-free loans so that they can eventually pull out of poverty. Women help fellow women to learn to save, invest and grow their capital in a supportive environment. Once financial management is accomplished, we will then endeavor to set up shared markets and value addition to our beneficiaries.

You can join ACCESS in supporting a microloan which ranges from 10$ USD first loan, 20$USD and 40$USD as the second and third level interest-free loans. Our target is to reach 1 million women in a period of 10 years with interest-free loans and have them share in the open markets across Uganda.  

2018 ACCESS Annual Report

For the year 2018, we focused on strengthening the activities of ACCESS in the areas of support for orphans and other vulnerable children (OVCs), nursing and midwifery education, medical care, family planning, infrastructure and human resource development. With additional support from our partners, we have been able to graduate 24 preschool children and maintained the number of preschool children at 62. We have provided scholastic materials for 320 OVCs in primary and secondary schools. We held our first graduation for the nurses and midwives in our school, 98% passed their national exam with excellence, and most of them are employed.

Please download to access detailed  2018 ACCESS Annual report



As soon as the pioneer group of students (Set 1) were enrolled in Nov 2015, the concept to hold the First Graduation at the end of their Course in 2018 was conceived in the very first semester.

Many people including national and international partners who visited the school expressed their interest in the first Graduation as they kept inquiring when this would take place.

This encouraged the school management and teaching staff to work tireless to ensure that the occasion takes place when it is due and that every student and parent enjoys this event.

All through the training, all the students in this group worked very hard and the records show that all did well in their local and national examinations which threw their light to a very successful end of course which was demonstrated when the results of final examinations were announced with 99.9% pass. While 19 midwives had 100% pass with very good credits, the 55 nurses had 99% pass with very good credits, 14.9 received pass and only 0.1% did not make it.

ASNM school pioneer students had really made it and everyone was excited about this performance.


Click HERE to download ASNM Graduation report.

Sharing the impact of EKFS support at ACCESS

Hope of a heart diseased patient restored through generous holistic care and support by ACCESS-EKFS Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) care program

Meet Janet, a 65 year old female peasant from Bamunanika in Luwero. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure 5 years ago. Despite the effort to look for blood pressure medications from different health centres in Nakaseke and medical camps, sometimes she could go without taking any medications to control her blood pressure. Six months ago, adding to the already complicated health of Janet, she developed relentless on and off fevers and joint pains which she initially thought was malaria. Musawo Sewannyana, a health care worker based at ACCESS NCD clinic and trained in HEARTS protocol received Janet and assessed her condition. He found out that Janet’s condition was indeed more than hypertension and malaria. “Janet had a low grade fever” he reported. What was astonishing was a finding of a systolic murmur and an irregular heartbeat. Musawo Sewannyana measured her blood pressure and random blood glucose which he found at 140/80 and 6.5mg/dl respectively. He also measured her weight, height and waist circumference. With the newly developed NCD charts at the clinic, Musawo Sewannyana was able to perform a relevant assessment of the patient. In addition he performed an ECG which revealed atrial fibrillation, a heart rhythm disorder affecting the upper chambers of the heart and left ventricular hypertrophy. He wasn’t in position to do further tests given the lack of capacity at the clinic. He instead instituted treatment for high blood pressure, gave an antibiotic and counselled the patient on healthy lifestyle including reduction on salt intake. Janet has been attending care at ACCESS for the last six months. She reports that her general health has improved drastically.

Four out of five people who die from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are killed by either a heart attack or a stroke according to world health organization. When the community is empowered through taking charge of their health, the impact can be enormous. This story illustrates how learning and putting into practice skills of assessing patients with suspected CVD by lower health care cadres can have long lasting impact on the health status of peasants who can’t afford care from tertiary centers or highly specialised personnel (cardiologists). Many thanks to Else Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung medical-humanitarian funding  which aided the pilot phase of the HEARTS protocol training in February 2018 at Nakaseke General Hospital. Through continued support, we plan on continuing with the HEARTS training targeting low cadre health workers and Village health Team (VHTs) to increase awareness of CVD in the community. We hope that our efforts will curb the raising prevalence of CVDs in rural communities of Nakaseke. Let’s all work together to achieve the 25 by 25 goal of reducing premature mortality from NCDs by 25% by 2025.

Alex Kayongo, MD. Post graduate Research fellow.


The Access  school of Nursing and Midwifery – Nakaseke in dedicated to training NURSES AND MIDWIVES.

The main goal of the school is to impact the education levels in the rural Nakaseke District, the greater, Luweero triangle, in Uganda. In order to achieve the above objectives to provide a comprehensive model of health care services, education and economic empowerment programs to the people of Nakaseke, greater Luwero triangle in Uganda. Access school of nursing of Midwifery – Nakaseke seeks to recruit three persons to fill One (1) senior Tutor position and two persons to fill the position of Tutor with the qualifications, knowledge, skills and attitudes as described in the following section.


Reports to Principal of the school

Classification: Contract type: 2 year (Renewable on good performance)

Duty Station: Access School of Nursing and Midwifery- Nakaseke


The senior Tutor will manage plan and coordinate all organizational matters of the academic registrar to support the principal and other teaching staff to provide quality strategic training of the Nurses and Midwives



– Sharing teaching responsibilities with other tutors and clinical instructors guided by the principals of teaching.

– Carrying out responsibilities of the Deputy Principal when Principal is absent from station.

– Managing the office of the Academic Registrar as far as the activities of advertising for vacancies for the students, interviews and selecting of suitable candidates are concerned. In the same vein organizing training programs, arranging for student assessment and supervising all the related activities in student assessment.

– Effectively work in a team with other teaching and non-teaching staff.

– Providing a role model for the school populace

– Protecting all confidential information concerning trainees and avoiding examination leakages.


  1. Evidence of your professional qualification as Tutor and experience as a senior Tutor.
  2. Renewal of practicing license.
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. References from two reputable personalities.


– Strong understanding of the teaching – learning process

– Good communication skills, organization and planning

– Three (3) year teaching practice in a recognized training institution

– Problem solving skills.

– Self-motivated team prayer

– Confidentiality of integrate, honesty and the high level of professional and ethical conduct

– Competence in use of various teaching methodologies

– Sensitivity to student’s needs and institutional policy requirements.


Reports to Principal of the school

Classification: Contract type: 2 year (Renewable on good performance)

Duty Station: Access School of Nursing and Midwifery- Nakaseke


He /She will plan and manage class room teaching and practical programs.

He /She will supervise clinical instructors.


– Teach students in the various course units as per curriculum and in line with the prescribed time table.

– Conduct teaching according to principles of teaching notable a scheme of work and reason plan.

– Maintain records of lectures given, list of students attending and ensuring regular assessment of students and feedback given.

– Ensuring high standards of discipline is maintained among students.

– Providing guidance and counseling to students.

– Participating in all the activities of the school e.g. co-curricular activities, supervision and support of student during theoretical and practicum experience.

– Guiding, supervising and supporting clinical instructors attached to the school.

– Maintaining a role model for the students to immolate from.

– Keeping a breast with current academic affairs so that the students are given up to date information.


  1. Professional qualifications as Nurse/Midwife Tutor.
  2. Evidence of renewal of practicing license.
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Referees: 2 reputable personalities.


– Strong understanding of the teaching – learning process

– Good communication skills, organization and planning

– Three (3) year teaching practice in a recognized training institution

– Problem solving skills.

– Self-motivated team prayer

-Confidentiality of integrate, honesty and the high level of professional and ethical conduct

– Competence in use of various teaching methodologies

– Sensitivity to student’s needs and institutional policy requirements.


– Send application enclosing photocopies of academic qualifications, testimonials along with curriculum vitae indicating contact postal address, day time telephone number, email, two recommendation letters, (on letter heads and a cover/support letter not later than 23rd Feb 2018.

– Please note only short listed candidates will be contacted.


TEL: +256782348560 / +256772472453      (more…)


ACCESS seeks to hire the following candidates; Enrolled Nurse (01), Nursing Assistant (01), Data Clerk (01), Cashier (01).

Job Title:    ENROLLED NURSE (Positions: 01)

 Reports to: The In-Charge Life Care
Duty Station: ACCESS Nakaseke Town Council
Duration: The Positions is available for an initial one year contract renewable subject to satisfactory performance by the job holder.

Job Summary: To provide competent, and efficient nursing services to clients. Such services shall include treating all clients with dignity, respect, care and compassion, recognizing their individual health beliefs, needs and values.


  1. Enter medical data of patients into register, patient’s file, and electronic databases; and provide updates of the monthly medical reports.
  2. Maintain strict confidentiality with regards to patient’s medical records,patient management and treatment.
  3. Administer minor ‘outpatient’ treatment and immunization requirements.
  4. Assists in providing health education and health promotion programs for the organization.
  5. Maintains and medical inventory and supplies
  6. Organizes and prioritizes work schedule to meet client needs and organizational deadlines
  7. Establishes, builds and sustains effective relationships within the work unit and with internal and external clients.
  8. Serve the community in health related situations to achieve healthy community facets.
  9. Performs other related duties as required.


  1. Certificate in nursing
  2. Registered with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council
  3. Experience in the usage of computers /an Office Package (MS Word, Excel, etc.) is desirable
  4. Good interpersonal skills; ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
  5. Effective Communication, ability to write in a clear and concise manner and to communicate effectively orally.
  6. Must be between 18 and 35 years of age
  7. Flexible and reliable with demonstrated ability to adapt to different clinical environments.
  8. Must be diligent, honest, good interpersonal and communication skills.
  9. Good command of both English and Luganda
  10. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  11. Minimum of 1-3 years of continuous clinical experience in nursing as a registered nurse.

Job Title:    NURSING ASSISTANT (Positions: 01)

 Reports to: The In-Charge Life Care
Duty Station: ACCESS Nakaseke Town Council
Duration: The Positions is available for an initial one year contract renewable subject to satisfactory performance by the job holder.

Job Summary:  The Nursing Assistant will provide basic care to patients, as well as assist them in daily activities they might have trouble with on their own, such as bathing. He/she will also carry out the store keeping roles at ACCESS.


  1. Feed, bathe and dress patients
  2. Take patient vital signs
  3. Serve meals, make beds and keep rooms clean
  4. Set up medical equipment and assist with some medical procedures
  5. Answer calls for help and observe changes in a patient’s condition or behavior
  6. Store keeping


  1. Certificate in Nursing Assistance
  2. Good organisational, record keeping and planning skills
  3. Punctuality
  4. Excellent communication skills with colleagues, advisors and parents and care givers.
  5. Reliability and trustworthiness
  6. A positive approach to inclusive practice, with patients and colleagues
  7. Understanding of the importance of Health, Safety and workplace Hygiene.
  8. Flexibility – occasionally working hours might be changed as the in- Charge may demand
  9. Experience in store keeping is an added advantage
  10. Minimum of 1-3 years of continuous clinical experience in a similar position and registered with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council.

 Job Title:    CASHIER (Positions: 01)

 Reports to: The Accountant
Duty Station: ACCESS Nakaseke Town Council
Duration: The Positions is available for an initial one year contract renewable subject to satisfactory performance by the job holder.

Job Summary

Cashier will efficiently provide comprehensive information, clerical, and accounting services to assist the organization finance unit in executing processes and delivering service needs that support high-quality programs serving the poor and vulnerable. As part of finance team you will deliver quality support in your role, applying clearly defined accounting and financial reporting processes, procedures and service standards.


  1. Ensure timely, proper and correct financial records,
  2. Prepare and ensure timely payments through both cash and bank,
  3. The Cashier will be posting all finance transactions into financial system,
  4. Support the procurement process in payment and digital filing,
  5. Assist stores staff in managing inventory controls,
  6. Assist the storekeeper to consistently keep an accurate physical and system based stock balances at all times
  7. Carry out the physically checking of stock levels and maintaining up to date records (Bin cards) in order to facilitate/ease stock taking exercise
  8. Facilitate regular stock audits as may be requested by the line supervisor,
  9. Responsible for management of the reception area, receiving visitors, managing the central office phone, directing visitors and proving any administrative related support to the operations team


  1. The ideal candidate for the Cashier job opportunity should hold a Diploma Business Administration in Accounting or any other related field.
  2. At least 1 year experience in accounting or financial management,
  3. Computer literacy skills i.e. proficiency in Word and Excel; knowledge of accounting software is an added advantage,
  4. Self-motivator, having the ability to work with limited supervision
  5. Ability to give transparent accountability,
  6. Able to meet deadlines
  7. Strong customer service ethic and abilities,
  8. Ability to work collaboratively.
  9. Good oral and written skills in English,
  10. Excellent organizational skills with great attention to detail,

Job Title: DATA CLERK (Positions: 01)

 Reports to: The program coordinator.
Duty Station: ACCESS Nakaseke Town Council
Duration: The Position is available for an initial one year contract renewable subject to satisfactory performance by the job holder.

Job Summary:  The Data Clerk role basically entails entering data in the database, data cleaning, scanning reports and maintaining program files.


  1. The Data Clerk will prepare and sort documents for the purpose of data entry.
  2. Ensuring completeness and accuracy of various program data collection/capture tools like: referral forms and monthly report forms.
  3. Ensure routine cleaning of data.
  4. Enter data into prescribed database software in the right way.
  5. Prepare automated data entry and integration reports when requested.
  6. Perform document scanning and attaching/uploading files related to the entries made


  1. A diploma in Secretarial Studies, Computer Science, Social Sciences, Statistics, Office and Information Management or a related field from a recognized university.
  2. At least 1 year experience in data clerk position or data management field.

Behavioural Attributes

  1. Ability to recognize and resolve issues promptly
  2. Ability to work under pressure, without supervision and within tight deadlines
  3. A high level of attention to detail
  4. Critical and analytical thinking
  5. Self-discipline and strong work ethic
  6. Computer skills, including word processing (Microsoft Word with spreadsheets, grants database(s) desirable.
  7. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  8. Good interpersonal skills
  9. Team player
  10. Report writing skills


All suitably qualified and interested applicants should hand deliver  photocopies of academic documents , a detailed resume (CV)  with at least three reference contacts and application letter addressed to;

The Executive Director
ACCESS Uganda,
P.O Box 28993

OR    Send by E-mail to both:


For more information and inquiries, Call 0414- 667 432.

Deadline for Submission: Friday 9th February 2018




The EKFS Annual Report 2016/2017

Non-Communicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading cause of death across the world. The majority of morbidity and mortality related to NCDs occur in low- and middle-income countries like Uganda where the capacity to handle such chronic diseases is extremely limited. Therefore, it was with great pleasure that we received the news of a three-year grant to support the development of a center of excellence for NCD care in Uganda from the Else Kröner-Fresenius Stiftung.

This report summarizes the past year’s achievements of the ACCESS Uganda partnership with colleagues from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen Nürnberg, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Yale University, Johns Hopkins University and Makerere University. The effort represents a multi-national, interdisciplinary collaboration that has the potential to revolutionize NCD prevention and management in low- and middle-income settings.

We thank the Else Kröner Fresenius-Stiftung for supporting this vision and contribute to efforts that have enabled us to reach out to over 18,000 community members in Nakaseke. Please enjoy reading the report.

Felix Knauf, Trishul Siddharthan, Robert Kalyesubula


HERE you can download the EKFS Annual Report

Research Assistant Needed

Research Assistant for qualitative research

Makerere University – Yale University collaboration (MUYU) Research Scholar is seeking a Research Assistant for the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) management study.

The specific aims of this research are to assess knowledge, attitudes, & practices towards NCD education & management in Nakaseke district in Uganda. We would like to determine the barriers and facilitators to healthcare access for self-management of hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

This study will be conducted in three selected sub-counties of Nakaseke, Uganda. Sub-counties for sampling were selected based on proximity to African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS). ACCESS Uganda is a community-based organization in Nakaseke district, Uganda dedicated to working with vulnerable groups in resource limited settings through medical care, education and economic empowerment. For more information, please visit

Job summary/Responsibilities:

Seeking a research assistant to assist an Intern from Yale School of Public Health on a qualitative study involving in-depth interviews of 30 patients, 30 Community Health Workers (CHWs), and 30 healthcare professions in three sub-counties of Nakaseke, Uganda. The position is anticipated to last for 5-7 weeks.

1. Conduct in-depth interviews with additional questions as necessary.

2. Translate the content of the interviews to the intern and interviewees.

3. Transcribe and translate the voice-recorded interviews.


Qualifications:Degree in Health related field a requirement. Those withMaster’s degree in Public Health are encouraged to apply. Additional training and experience in conducting in-depth interviews are preferred.

1. Able to travel to and from Kampala and Nakaseke every Mondays and Thursdays.

2. Able to attend training sessions

3. Willing to learn interview skills to obtain high-quality qualitative data.

4. Able to probe or ask additional questions during the in-depth interviews as they are necessary.

5. Able to speak, transcribe, and translate between Luganda and English.

6. Able to operate a voice recorder upon training.

*Prior knowledge on diabetes and hypertension are not required.


Please send an email with:

  1. a cover letter stating your prior experience and motivation.
  2. one reference letter.


please send to haeyoon.chang@yale.eduwith the job title in the subject of your email.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews during the first week of July.

Deadline for receipt of applications: June 30th2016.

The Genesis and Future of ACCESS

Robert Kalyesubula, MD – President, ACCESS-Uganda

In 2002, soon after completing my initial training at the Makerere University Medical School, I started my medical career at Nakaseke Hospital (a rural district Hospital). A few months into my work, I was challenged by a young lady from a nearby district who kept coming to the hospital at short intervals with recurrent fever, poor appetite and general body weakness. After treating her for a while, I got concerned and asked her to take the HIV test. She was quite terrified but later gathered courage after intensive counseling. As you may recall early 2000 was a dark time for HIV-AIDS, where a positive test almost manifested looming death! On learning her HIV sero status we took a special interest in her with my colleague James and visited her home.

What we found in her village moved us to tears. We learned that this was a young lady who had migrated from Rwanda with her husband due to the genocide. Unfortunately her husband had died of HIV-AIDS leaving with 3 children (two of whom also HIV positive). What was worse is that the local chiefs who were supposed to protect her had ganged up with her step son to take the one acre piece of land she had with her children. Luckily we were able to intervene using the courts of law and her land was saved.

However, illness and poverty remained a major obstacle. We got her a piglet and in 8 months she had 9 piglets. We were excited about this and worked with the elders in the community to set up the now called ACCESS (African Community Center for Social Sustainability). Having lost my father at the age of 8 years, and having grown up in an orphanage, I knew exactly how it felt to be vulnerable and this made it easier for me to appreciate the pain and needs of the community members.

Figure 1

With time we were able to open up a clinic which provides care to over 3,000 patients per year and also have a strong team of community health workers and village health teams that are able to follow up all our beneficiaries from the community. ACCESS now has a number of programs the details of which will be shared in the forthcoming issues but for this article I will focus on the leadership, governance and the future plans of ACCESS.

ACCESS was rejuvenated by a new board of directors (BOD) consisting of 5 men and 4 women of great standing within the nation. The BOD has been quite active and providing input to the future directions of ACCESS. Having established Midwifery and Nursing school program which was duly accredited by the Ministries of Health and education in 2015, we are now ready for a new Executive director to take us to the next level. We are also looking at building a center of excellence for patient centered care using community health workers as key stakeholders. This will work alongside our fast growing Nursing School which now has 116 students since its inauguration in November 2015.


In the coming years we plan to upgrade the training program to a diploma level for the Nurses and midwives and also plan to begin other Institutes of Allied health, and to include Clinical officers, Laboratory technicians, Pharmacy assistants and health administrators who are few in the country. The scarcity for professional healthworkers is most acute in rural areas like Nakaseke a trend we are working very hard to overturn by ensuring that our trainees have a great grasp of the health needs of rural communities. Our curriculum has been designed to include community interactive components that will ensure that our students get the desired competencies of providing holistic care to the rural populations. We have also set up a scholarship program that will ensure that girls from very poor families can ACCESS this training and be able to serve their communities after they attain the required skills.

Figure 2

We have planned to set up a state of art training center that will encompass the training Institutes and the institute will form the center piece from which all other ACCESS programs will be supported (see fig 1).

In 10-15 years we plan to offer degrees in the different health professions and also have a center for training specialized clinical Nurses. In collaboration with Nakaseke hospital, local government and International partners as well as well-established institutions like Makerere University and Mulago Hospit
al; only good things can happen.

We now have a plan of the infrastructure we want to set up in Nakaseke which will train health workers from African countries and beyond (see fig 2).

ACCESS is Hiring!

We are excited to announce our recruitment for an Executive Director based in Uganda at ACCESS!

We are looking for a passionate, dedicated individual interested in living in Nakseke, Uganda and investing their passion and skills in the community.

The Executive Director will be responsible for program development, networking with local and international programs, motivating and mentoring staff, and contributing to the sustainability of our programs through fundraising.

Qualified candidates will be thoroughly committed to ACCESS mission and culture. All candidates should have proven leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience.

The selected candidate will join a collaborative, dynamic team in improving access to health and education for the community.

Please Contact Us Here if you are interested in applying or learning more about this position. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Annual Report

What a busy year at ACCESS!

We would like to present our Annual Report (2013-2014) to update you on what we have been up to this year, and to show how your support has helped get us there!

We have big plans for 2015 including:

1. Welcoming the first class of nursing students at the ACCESS Health Training Institute

2. Training new community health workers to increase access to family planning services

3. Initiating a peer-lead health program for youth to help reduce HIV infection rates among young people

Thanks for your help!

Keep an eye out for pictures, updates, and fundraisers this year as we continue improving lives in Nakaseke community!


The Awesome Foundation + ACCESS

As we check off our list of requirements for the nursing school, we have had one crucial teaching mannequin that has been difficult to secure!

We want to express our sincere thanks to The Awesome Foundation for partnering with ACCESS to provide the funds necessary for our teaching mannequin!

This Awesome Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate awesomeness in the universe one $1,000 grant at a time. They have granted over $100,000 in 25 countries to small organizations and individuals trying to make a difference in their world.

We think they are AWESOME! With their help, we are one step closer to opening the nursing school!



MOHAMED ALI ZEIDAN MEMORIAL FUND389429_580104653501_792057321_n


It is with untold sadness that we mourn the loss of Moe Zeidan, ACCESS’s first intern, co-executive director of Partners for ACCESS, and 4th year medical student at Tufts.

In honor of his devotion to ACCESS and his tireless commitment to building a sustainable medical community in Uganda, we are inaugurating the Moe Zeidan Memorial Library at ACCESS and establishing this Legacy Fund in his memory.

Moe’s enormous heart, visionary dreams, and practical approach to helping vulnerable people around the world will long be remembered and implemented through the generosity of your donation.

Thank you for standing with us to remember Moe and honor his legacy.


The entire team at ACCESS and Partners for ACCESS


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