Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To work with vulnerable people in resource-limited settings through provision of medical care, education, and economic empowerment to create long-lasting change that is owned by the entire community.

Our Vision

To show excellent stewardship by way of healthcare, education, research, and outreach.

Our Values

– Uncompromising Quality Healthcare Services
– Empower the Community
– Exhibit Compassion
– Operate in Complete Transparency

Our Impact

We have launched a 3-year nursing degree program to increase our graduates’ impact on the community. Graduates of our program currently work in over seven districts in Uganda, and throughout the East Africa Region providing care mostly in rural communities.

In addition to these programs, ACCESS supports 445 subindex OVCs (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) and 47 index OVCs, we provide the means for them to attend school and maintain their health. We also partner with families affected by HIV/AIDS providing income-generating projects for greater financial and family stability.