As soon as the pioneer group of students (Set 1) were enrolled in Nov 2015, the concept to hold the First Graduation at the end of their Course in 2018 was conceived in the very first semester.

Many people including national and international partners who visited the school expressed their interest in the first Graduation as they kept inquiring when this would take place.

This encouraged the school management and teaching staff to work tireless to ensure that the occasion takes place when it is due and that every student and parent enjoys this event.

All through the training, all the students in this group worked very hard and the records show that all did well in their local and national examinations which threw their light to a very successful end of course which was demonstrated when the results of final examinations were announced with 99.9% pass. While 19 midwives had 100% pass with very good credits, the 55 nurses had 99% pass with very good credits, 14.9 received pass and only 0.1% did not make it.

ASNM school pioneer students had really made it and everyone was excited about this performance.


Click HERE to download ASNM Graduation report.