Children’s program

This program has been affectively implemented ever since nine years ago. Because ACCESS is dedicated to strengthening and improving the lives of people with HIV-AIDS, orphans, and other vulnerable individuals. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive model of health care services, education and economic empowerment to help community members alleviate poverty and disease, obtain higher education, and create sustainable development. The ACCESS team supports the selected children based on different vulnerabilities. They receive school fees support, scholastic materials, counseling and guidance, as well as medical care services.

The OVC program
does not have direct support, but indirectly feeds from other programs currently we embarked on remapping the four hundred OVCs that were previously registered by ACCESS in Nakaseke and Kasangombe sub county. With an aim of Updating the ACCESS OVC database.




We also provide school and lunch fees, and scholastic materials to 30 orphans and vulnerable children for child-headed families in secondary schools. Through ACCESS support, these children are able to shift their focus from daily survival for themselves and their siblings, to focusing on their education and future aspirations. As part of the OVC School Program, students are visited at their homes or school sites on a quarterly basis to track their progress in school and identify areas of need in their health and livelihood.