Nalongo Nakibule Massy is a leader in our Community Health Worker (CHW) community. Nalongo is responsible for health outreach in Kasangombe county in Nakaseke District.


Nalongo describes her work: 

“Under ACCESS program I was trained as counselor for HIV/AIDs home based care. Very many people in my area obtain free medication during ACCESS Health Days and at reduced price during other days. Treatment of all ACCESS families is obtained at every low cost.  A lot of nutrition work shops have been held with an aim of improving kids feeding through teaching nutrition kind of food preparation.

I also look after OVCs Namagembe Suzan and Wasswa Abdullah who have been supported by ACCESS since 2011. In addition to school sponsorship, both girls were further given garden seeds like maize, beans and even animals like goats, sheep and pigs as income generating activities(IGA).

Above all, ACCESS helped me to change my life through health training, providing medical services at every low cost and supported me with means of communication.”

Nalongo’s smile and dedication are greatly appreciated at ACCESS! She works tirelessly to support Kasangombe county and Nakaseke District through outreach and ACCESS programs.