Dr. Robert’s Vison


Dr. Robert Kalyesubula is one of three kidney specialists in Uganda. He has worked in internal medicine, general surgery and nephrology. He has trained in the US and Canada, attended conferences and trainings all over the world, and has treated approximately 70,000 patients in his career.

But, Dr. Robert comes from humble roots. After losing his father at a young age, Dr. Robert grew up as an orphan helping his mother earn the money needed to support his family. He left school in order to work for extra income. If you have the chance to talk with Dr. Robert, he will tell you with a smile how he was rescued by a Canadian organization, and sponsored to return to school. Dr. Robert set big goals for himself, and worked hard to achieve his dreams of supporting other orphans and vulnerable children, and empowering people to achieve their dreams through better access to health and education.

Today, he can look proudly on ACCESS, founded with his colleague Ssewanyana James, and see the impact ACCESS has had on the lives of vulnerable families in Nakaseke. Dr. Robert has devoted his career to serving the people of Uganda, especially those who suffer from HIV/AIDS, infectious disease, chronic illness and poverty.

Thanks to SAWA World for capturing his story and his vision for ACCESS as a source of health for the community.