2020 Annual Report


The triumph of success in the year 2020

Dear Friends,

We would like to appreciate you for your unwavering support to ACCESS. What began as a rumor of a few deaths in China, soon came to haunt us like a nightmare for the whole world. We were ill-prepared! Due to uncertainties around COVID-19, the initial predictions were that Africa would be annihilated by the pandemic because of the poor health infrastructure. As such, there was a lot of fear, and many reflex decisions were taken. There never was a time in history where every country had such uncertainty and autonomy to justify their decisions. Without evidence and with little guidance from the international bodies, we were left to our own devices. When the giants were stuck, fear intensified within our communities engulfing the little hope that we have always held.

The fear of losing financial support from the believers of ACCESS’ mission due to constraining global economic changes due to the COVID 19 pandemic was palpable. Everyone was vulnerable and feared for their loved ones and the closer communities in which they lived. Indeed, we lost a few of our sponsors but we also got some new ones.

In spite of all the challenges, we are very grateful to our sponsors, our staff, the leadership of the Nakaseke district, and governing council for keeping us relevant in these tumorous times.

As it is often said, “where there is will there is a way” ACCESS together with our partners managed to keep the programs running. As you will be reading in this report. We engaged the community through sound leadership and found amicable ways to reach out to the last mile where the most vulnerable families are found. We made sure that we reached out to the children who were out of school for close to a year. We supported women whose businesses had closed down and established online training programs to keep our Nursing School students learning. These and many other changes made it possible for us to achieve most of the planned activities for the year 2020.

We thank you all for your contribution.

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula                     Katali EstherLoy                     Mr. Sewanyana James

ACCESS President                          Managing Director               Community & District Engagement Director