Barcelo Community Pharmacy at ACCESS


ACCESS UGANDA is a community based organisation though often working with government facilities. The management came to realize the needs of the people of Nakaseke District and amongst the list was the need for medical treatment including drug supply. BARCELO FOUNDATION, an organization based in Spain, decided to give a hand and facilitated us with sponsoring a Community Based Pharmacy which provide20160722_115455s access to drugs that are otherwise difficult to stock to the community.

The Pharmacy officially opened in October 2015 and it has so far been running for more than ten months. Every month, we receive and treat over one hundred clients on the outpatient basis who receive the services the pharmacy provides. The drugs are provided at very low cost to enable the community access to the most needed medicines which would have otherwise not been available within the community.


The pharmacy is under the close supervision of the general clinic, though it can or seems like an entity on its own. It offers both whole and retail sale of drugs, health education to the community members as well as the clients that visit the clinic. In conjunction with the family planning clinic it has an outreach program. In the outreach package, the Pharmacy helps in the facilitating health education about contraceptive options.


Our community members can now get their required amount of drugs at affordable costs. Previously a patient or the attendant would travel to Kampala to acquire drugs prescribed, but now Barcelo Community Pharmacy is availing almost all drugs in all their kinds to the community members.

The Health Education talks sponsored by the Pharmacy are creating an impact to those that attend. These talks are general and are directed towards changing behaviour to improve the standards of living and health, education, social welfare and finance are the basic priorities. We would like to start on home visiting embarked with home care nursing to fully embrace ACCESS COMMUNITY COMPONENT, and this will need all our different programs, such as: support for orphans and vulnerable children, family planning outreach, and our Jaaja (elders) Project to sponsor and support this program.


On behalf of the Government of Uganda, community of Nakaseke, ACCESS-UGANDA, and on my own behalf, I take the honour to thank particularly FUNDACION BARCELO and Partners for ACCESS, and ACCESS-UGANDA under Dr Robert Kalyesubula, for the great enthusiastic work, love, care, mercy and grace they have for the community of Nakaseke, and Uganda as whole. I have no better heartfelt words to express how grateful we are but only to say thank, thank you so much. Amelia Fornes, Supervisor of African Region under FUNDACION BARCELO project FARMASOL, muchas gracias, te amos muchisimo, thank you again.

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In-charge of Barcelo Pharmacy ,

Life Care Clinic