Meet Freddie

In 2011, Fred arrived at LifeCare Clinic with a cough and extreme fatigue. He had been diagnosed with malaria in the past, and his Aunt thought he was suffering another bought of the disease. Fred’s condition was much more serious. Freddie was suffering from congestive heart failure and needed a heart valve replacement.

ACCESS immediately called friends and family for support to send Freddie to Italy for surgery. While he awaited travel and treatment, Fred stayed at LifeCare Clinic as a patient. He became fast friends with the nursing students, and health workers, and even helped out when he was feeling well. ACCESS maintained his health and helped him regain enough strength to travel for his treatment.

The community responded to the call for help. With support from friends in Nakaseke and Canada, Fred traveled to Italy in March of 2012 and underwent surgery. His medical team there was shocked at his strength and speed of recovery. Fred returned to Uganda after a short recovery with a revitalized life and big dreams.

He is now in school and dreams of becoming a surgeon himself! Fred still visits the clinic on his school holidays, and we are waiting for the day that he will be operating on his own patients in Nakaseke!