Jaja Club in Nakaseke

Through their involvement in the community, Gabriel and Aida realized a lack of support for the elders living in Nakaseke. Many elderly people (jaja in Luganda) were living in poverty, social isolation and suffering from untreated health conditions. They found elders who were sleeping on the floor, some who had been neglected by their families, others who were widowed, and disabled. They recognized that many of the issue facing the jajas could be solved by interaction and support from one another.

Gabriel and Aida sprang into action to organize a gathering of Jajas at ACCESS. They used the ACCESS bus to collect individuals from all over Nakaseke, and brought them to ACCESS to share a meal, receive medical consultation and examination, and identify needs that ACCESS could address in their home settings.

The jaja were overjoyed to spend time with one another and be heard by those at ACCESS.

Today, Aida and Gabriel continue to work with the jaja through home visits, and support for basic needs (food, clothing, bedding, etc.) They are looking for more ways to support the jaja, and plan to bring them together at ACCESS again in the future to foster relationships and wellbeing among Nakaseke’s most vulnerable seniors.


Fundraiser in Nakaseke Raises $2000

In May, 2012, ACCESS invited the Nakaseke Community to come and support the new nursing school. People came in big numbers! 150-200 people came and celebrated with us, and showed their support by raising $2,000!

The day was filled with students, patients and staff sharing stories of ACCESS impact on their own lives and on the Nakseke Community.

Students, staff, volunteers, and neighbors brought gifts to contribute to the auction.

We were honored with the attendance of local government leaders, and visiting leaders from Kampala.

The students worked so hard to put on this event. Thanks to SAWA World for the video summary of the event.

Click here to view the video: ACCESS Fundraiser in Nakaseke Raises $2000

Help Train a New Generation of Nurses


The Problem:

Rural communities in Uganda are lacking access to health care due to a shortage of doctors and nurses.

Young men and women living in rural communities lack access to higher education.

The Solution:

ACCESS is building a Comprehensive Nursing School in Nakaseke, Uganda to help provide education and job opportunities in the rural healthcare system. This 3-year program will build a secure future for young people living in a rural area and provide crucial access to healthcare for the entire community.

Through the generous support of our partners and donors we have built a brand new classroom block, shipped a boxcar of medical and educational material, established our library and skills lab, and secured our compound with a perimeter fence. We are on our way to opening the doors of The Health Training Institute!

But we need your help. 95% of every dollar you give will go directly towards upgrading our existing community nurses’ aide program into a 3-year Accredited Nursing School.

Our nurses will make approximately $200/month. This money will send their siblings to school, provide for their families, and bring healthcare to the community. Even a small donation has the potential to transform the community!

Donate Now!


We Are Close!

In November, our team in Boston raised $16,000! That means we are well on our way to building the 3-year nursing program by March, 2013.

But we need your help!