ACCESS Uganda was founded with the mission to help people living with HIV/AIDS. Children living in families affected by HIV/AIDS, or those who have HIV/AIDS themselves experience instability in their families, in their own health, and in their education. Through a grant with the Stephen Lewis Foundation, ACCESS developed a program to help orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to reduce their instability, provide access to education and healthcare, and give them hope for their futures.

To date, ACCESS  has supported 70 families of OVCs with income generation projects (IGA) in the form of cows, start-up capital, chicken rearing, crop gardens and pigs in addition to medical care and school support (school fees, books, uniforms, shoes and lunch fees). These small grants provide start up support for poverty eradication by providing a means of sustainable development. With a grant from Action Medeor, ACCESS has also been able to set up a dairy farm and an agricultural project to raise funds to support the initial operational costs for the organization.

We also provide school and lunch fees, and scholastic materials to 30 orphans and vulnerable children for child-headed families in secondary schools. Through ACCESS support, these children are able to shift their focus from daily survival for themselves and their siblings, to focusing on their education and future aspirations. As part of the OVC School Program, students are visited at their homes or school sites on a quarterly basis to track their progress in school and identify areas of need in their health and livelihood.

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