Research Assistant for qualitative research

Makerere University – Yale University collaboration (MUYU) Research Scholar is seeking a Research Assistant for the Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) management study.

The specific aims of this research are to assess knowledge, attitudes, & practices towards NCD education & management in Nakaseke district in Uganda. We would like to determine the barriers and facilitators to healthcare access for self-management of hypertension and diabetes mellitus.

This study will be conducted in three selected sub-counties of Nakaseke, Uganda. Sub-counties for sampling were selected based on proximity to African Community Center for Social Sustainability (ACCESS). ACCESS Uganda is a community-based organization in Nakaseke district, Uganda dedicated to working with vulnerable groups in resource limited settings through medical care, education and economic empowerment. For more information, please visit

Job summary/Responsibilities:

Seeking a research assistant to assist an Intern from Yale School of Public Health on a qualitative study involving in-depth interviews of 30 patients, 30 Community Health Workers (CHWs), and 30 healthcare professions in three sub-counties of Nakaseke, Uganda. The position is anticipated to last for 5-7 weeks.

1. Conduct in-depth interviews with additional questions as necessary.

2. Translate the content of the interviews to the intern and interviewees.

3. Transcribe and translate the voice-recorded interviews.


Qualifications:Degree in Health related field a requirement. Those withMaster’s degree in Public Health are encouraged to apply. Additional training and experience in conducting in-depth interviews are preferred.

1. Able to travel to and from Kampala and Nakaseke every Mondays and Thursdays.

2. Able to attend training sessions

3. Willing to learn interview skills to obtain high-quality qualitative data.

4. Able to probe or ask additional questions during the in-depth interviews as they are necessary.

5. Able to speak, transcribe, and translate between Luganda and English.

6. Able to operate a voice recorder upon training.

*Prior knowledge on diabetes and hypertension are not required.


Please send an email with:

  1. a cover letter stating your prior experience and motivation.
  2. one reference letter.


please send to haeyoon.chang@yale.eduwith the job title in the subject of your email.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews during the first week of July.

Deadline for receipt of applications: June 30th2016.

Barcelo Community Pharmacy at ACCESS


ACCESS UGANDA is a community based organisation though often working with government facilities. The management came to realize the needs of the people of Nakaseke District and amongst the list was the need for medical treatment including drug supply. BARCELO FOUNDATION, an organization based in Spain, decided to give a hand and facilitated us with sponsoring a Community Based Pharmacy which provide20160722_115455s access to drugs that are otherwise difficult to stock to the community.

The Pharmacy officially opened in October 2015 and it has so far been running for more than ten months. Every month, we receive and treat over one hundred clients on the outpatient basis who receive the services the pharmacy provides. The drugs are provided at very low cost to enable the community access to the most needed medicines which would have otherwise not been available within the community.


The pharmacy is under the close supervision of the general clinic, though it can or seems like an entity on its own. It offers both whole and retail sale of drugs, health education to the community members as well as the clients that visit the clinic. In conjunction with the family planning clinic it has an outreach program. In the outreach package, the Pharmacy helps in the facilitating health education about contraceptive options.


Our community members can now get their required amount of drugs at affordable costs. Previously a patient or the attendant would travel to Kampala to acquire drugs prescribed, but now Barcelo Community Pharmacy is availing almost all drugs in all their kinds to the community members.

The Health Education talks sponsored by the Pharmacy are creating an impact to those that attend. These talks are general and are directed towards changing behaviour to improve the standards of living and health, education, social welfare and finance are the basic priorities. We would like to start on home visiting embarked with home care nursing to fully embrace ACCESS COMMUNITY COMPONENT, and this will need all our different programs, such as: support for orphans and vulnerable children, family planning outreach, and our Jaaja (elders) Project to sponsor and support this program.


On behalf of the Government of Uganda, community of Nakaseke, ACCESS-UGANDA, and on my own behalf, I take the honour to thank particularly FUNDACION BARCELO and Partners for ACCESS, and ACCESS-UGANDA under Dr Robert Kalyesubula, for the great enthusiastic work, love, care, mercy and grace they have for the community of Nakaseke, and Uganda as whole. I have no better heartfelt words to express how grateful we are but only to say thank, thank you so much. Amelia Fornes, Supervisor of African Region under FUNDACION BARCELO project FARMASOL, muchas gracias, te amos muchisimo, thank you again.

Compiled by;


In-charge of Barcelo Pharmacy ,

Life Care Clinic


The Genesis and Future of ACCESS

Robert Kalyesubula, MD – President, ACCESS-Uganda

In 2002, soon after completing my initial training at the Makerere University Medical School, I started my medical career at Nakaseke Hospital (a rural district Hospital). A few months into my work, I was challenged by a young lady from a nearby district who kept coming to the hospital at short intervals with recurrent fever, poor appetite and general body weakness. After treating her for a while, I got concerned and asked her to take the HIV test. She was quite terrified but later gathered courage after intensive counseling. As you may recall early 2000 was a dark time for HIV-AIDS, where a positive test almost manifested looming death! On learning her HIV sero status we took a special interest in her with my colleague James and visited her home.

What we found in her village moved us to tears. We learned that this was a young lady who had migrated from Rwanda with her husband due to the genocide. Unfortunately her husband had died of HIV-AIDS leaving with 3 children (two of whom also HIV positive). What was worse is that the local chiefs who were supposed to protect her had ganged up with her step son to take the one acre piece of land she had with her children. Luckily we were able to intervene using the courts of law and her land was saved.

However, illness and poverty remained a major obstacle. We got her a piglet and in 8 months she had 9 piglets. We were excited about this and worked with the elders in the community to set up the now called ACCESS (African Community Center for Social Sustainability). Having lost my father at the age of 8 years, and having grown up in an orphanage, I knew exactly how it felt to be vulnerable and this made it easier for me to appreciate the pain and needs of the community members.

Figure 1

With time we were able to open up a clinic which provides care to over 3,000 patients per year and also have a strong team of community health workers and village health teams that are able to follow up all our beneficiaries from the community. ACCESS now has a number of programs the details of which will be shared in the forthcoming issues but for this article I will focus on the leadership, governance and the future plans of ACCESS.

ACCESS was rejuvenated by a new board of directors (BOD) consisting of 5 men and 4 women of great standing within the nation. The BOD has been quite active and providing input to the future directions of ACCESS. Having established Midwifery and Nursing school program which was duly accredited by the Ministries of Health and education in 2015, we are now ready for a new Executive director to take us to the next level. We are also looking at building a center of excellence for patient centered care using community health workers as key stakeholders. This will work alongside our fast growing Nursing School which now has 116 students since its inauguration in November 2015.


In the coming years we plan to upgrade the training program to a diploma level for the Nurses and midwives and also plan to begin other Institutes of Allied health, and to include Clinical officers, Laboratory technicians, Pharmacy assistants and health administrators who are few in the country. The scarcity for professional healthworkers is most acute in rural areas like Nakaseke a trend we are working very hard to overturn by ensuring that our trainees have a great grasp of the health needs of rural communities. Our curriculum has been designed to include community interactive components that will ensure that our students get the desired competencies of providing holistic care to the rural populations. We have also set up a scholarship program that will ensure that girls from very poor families can ACCESS this training and be able to serve their communities after they attain the required skills.

Figure 2

We have planned to set up a state of art training center that will encompass the training Institutes and the institute will form the center piece from which all other ACCESS programs will be supported (see fig 1).

In 10-15 years we plan to offer degrees in the different health professions and also have a center for training specialized clinical Nurses. In collaboration with Nakaseke hospital, local government and International partners as well as well-established institutions like Makerere University and Mulago Hospit
al; only good things can happen.

We now have a plan of the infrastructure we want to set up in Nakaseke which will train health workers from African countries and beyond (see fig 2).

ACCESS is Hiring!

leaders_ACCESS_join usWe are excited to announce our recruitment for an Executive Director based in Uganda at ACCESS!

We are looking for a passionate, dedicated individual interested in living in Nakseke, Uganda and investing their passion and skills in the community.

The Executive Director will be responsible for program development, networking with local and international programs, motivating and mentoring staff, and contributing to the sustainability of our programs through fundraising.

Qualified candidates will be thoroughly committed to ACCESS mission and culture. All candidates should have proven leadership, coaching, and relationship management experience.

The selected candidate will join a collaborative, dynamic team in improving access to health and education for the community.

Please Contact Us Here if you are interested in applying or learning more about this position. 

We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Jaja Club in Nakaseke

Picture 080Through their involvement in the community, Gabriel and Aida realized a lack of support for the elders living in Nakaseke. Many elderly people (jaja in Luganda) were living in poverty, social isolation and suffering from untreated health conditions. They found elders who were sleeping on the floor, some who had been neglected by their families, others who were widowed, and disabled. They recognized that many of the issue facing the jajas could be solved by interaction and support from one another.

Gabriel and Aida sprang into action to organize a gathering of Jajas at ACCESS. They used the ACCESS bus to collect individuals from all over Nakaseke, and brought them to ACCESS to share a meal, receive medical consultation and examination, and identify needs that ACCESS could address in their home settings.

The jaja were overjoyed to spend time with one another and be heard by those at ACCESS.

Today, Aida and Gabriel continue to work with the jaja through home visits, and support for basic needs (food, clothing, bedding, etc.) They are looking for more ways to support the jaja, and plan to bring them together at ACCESS again in the future to foster relationships and wellbeing among Nakaseke’s most vulnerable seniors.

Picture 008
Aida visits the home of a jaja in the community


OVC Program: Meet Frank

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program

Frank plans to be a doctor
Frank plans to be a doctor

ACCESS OVC Program provides crucial support for families affected by HIV/AIDS. Through the provision of school fees and income generating projects, our OVC families are provided sustainable financial stability that leads to better health and education for their children.

Meet Frank

Frank and his family have been supported by ACCESS for 5 years. Frank is preforming well in secondary school, and Frank receives support for school fees and an income generating activity (IGA) to support his family.

Frank is HIV positive and has suffered from a skin condition since infancy. We are inspired by Frank’s hope a determination. Frank has struggled with bullying and isolation at school, but remains hopeful in the face of adversity. He is determined to pursue a career as a doctor and support his family.

Through income generated by ACCESS programs, Frank’s family was able to buy a sheep and a bull. Due to HIV, Frank’s mother is not able to consistently farm, and money generated through the sale of their animals has eased their financial burden.

Outstanding Needs:

Milk Cow for income generation

School Fees for Frank’s continued education.


Donate now to support Frank and other children in Nakaseke


Annual Report

What a busy year at ACCESS!

We would like to present our Annual Report (2013-2014) to update you on what we have been up to this year, and to show how your support has helped get us there!

We have big plans for 2015 including:

1. Welcoming the first class of nursing students at the ACCESS Health Training Institute

2. Training new community health workers to increase access to family planning services

3. Initiating a peer-lead health program for youth to help reduce HIV infection rates among young people

Thanks for your help!

Keep an eye out for pictures, updates, and fundraisers this year as we continue improving lives in Nakaseke community!


The Awesome Foundation + ACCESS

As we check off our list of requirements for the nursing school, we have had one crucial teaching mannequin that has been difficult to secure!

We want to express our sincere thanks to The Awesome Foundation for partnering with ACCESS to provide the funds necessary for our teaching mannequin!

This Awesome Foundation’s mission is to perpetuate awesomeness in the universe one $1,000 grant at a time. They have granted over $100,000 in 25 countries to small organizations and individuals trying to make a difference in their world.

We think they are AWESOME! With their help, we are one step closer to opening the nursing school!

Awesome Foundation

Successful Indiegogo Campaign shows the world’s support for ACCESS!

Through the month of October, ACCESS Uganda raised more than $18,000 to support nursing instructors for the nursing school that we are developing at ACCESS.

We received donations from 88 people in 7 different countries on 4 continents in just 30 days! circle

We would like to saw WOW! Thank you to everyone who supported our fundraising campaign. We are so grateful for the momentum and funding generated by this campaign.

With these funds, we will be able to pay 3 nursing instructors to teach our first cohort of students for a year!

If you missed the campaign, don’t worry it’s never too late to contribute toward ACCESS! Click here to Donate anytime.

If you would like to donate to the nursing school, please write “nursing school” in the “OPTIONAL message” space on the donation form. Otherwise, your donations will contribute to all of ACCESS community programs helping us reach even farther into the Nakaseke community to support health and education.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped with the success of our Indiegogo Campaign. And, thanks to OWCF for helping host and promote the fundraiser.

MOHAMED ALI ZEIDAN MEMORIAL FUND389429_580104653501_792057321_n


It is with untold sadness that we mourn the loss of Moe Zeidan, ACCESS’s first intern, co-executive director of Partners for ACCESS, and 4th year medical student at Tufts.

In honor of his devotion to ACCESS and his tireless commitment to building a sustainable medical community in Uganda, we are inaugurating the Moe Zeidan Memorial Library at ACCESS and establishing this Legacy Fund in his memory.

Moe’s enormous heart, visionary dreams, and practical approach to helping vulnerable people around the world will long be remembered and implemented through the generosity of your donation.

Thank you for standing with us to remember Moe and honor his legacy.


The entire team at ACCESS and Partners for ACCESS


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