IMPACT: Access to Healthcare

76 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with HIV-AIDS are receiving medical care through Life Care Clinic

564 OVC were treated last year as part of our Annual Health Day

18 volunteer health workers each conduct 5-10 home visits per month to provide basic care, health education and home assessment

Approximately 12,000 patients are treated each year through ACCESS clinic, programs and partnerships

IMPACT: Health Training Institute

150 young men and women aged 18-20 have graduated from our health worker training programs

The incidence of HIV in our students is 0% — compared to 12% in the rest of the district

Our graduates make an average of $200/month compared to the district average of $30/month

The incidence of pregnancy in our students is less than 2% — compared to the district incidence of 30% by the age of 18

IMPACT: Community Empowerment

ACCESS  has supported 70 families of OVC with income generation projects

30 children living in child-headed households have received a chance at education, and access to healthcare

262 OVC received seeds (including carrots, green pepper, onions, “sukuma wiki” and eggplant) for the last one year

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